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Add an Approval Workflow to your Device Magic Form.

Leverage your existing Device Magic Form to turn form submissions into automated, tracked approval workflows. 
Device Magice.PNG

Automate and streamline approval requests like these.

  • Order Forms

  • Service Requests

  • Marketing Approvals

  • Leave Requests

  • Purchases/Procurement

  • Expenses Approval

What you need:
  1. An Approval Donkey PLUS account (free 30 day trial)
  2. A Device Magic account
Step One: Set-up and Copy a Panel Email address
  • Firstly login to Approval Donkey and Add a New Panel, every Panel you create comes with an auto generated Panel Email address
  • Copy the Panels Email address (this can be done like any copy function e.g. Select and Ctrl C or right click and 'copy email address'
Copy Feedback Panel.png
Step Two: Paste the Panel Email address to Device Magic
  • Sign into your Device Magic account and navigate to the Forms section
  • From the 'More Options' menu select 'Destinations' and select 'New Destination'
  • Select the Email option and then the .txt format
  • Configure the remaining options to your requirements
  • In section 5 you can select 'Render as HTML' to keep the form formatting
  • Paste the Panel email address in the Destination Email section as per below
  • Select 'Create Destination' and that’s it, all done
Now whenever your form is submitted it will automatically go through the Approval Donkey workflow you have just added. Give it a test run now.
Quick tip: Include a field to capture the submitter email address so you can forward status updates to them or set-up a Zap with Zapier to automate it.
Device Magic Paste.png
Personalized Dashboard

Manage loads of approval requests via a personalised Dashboard so you can action what you need to.

Use Existing Forms

No need to change your current form provider or upgrade your existing account with this simple add-on.

Accountability & Transparency

Create robust streamlined workflows for key business decisions to save time, reduce errors and increase visibility.

Notifications & Tracking

Save loads of time and avoid frustration with automated tracking, reminders and notifications

Configurable Workflows

Configure unanimous, multi-step or required response workflows so the right people get the right request at the right time.

Unlimited Members

As a Panel Owner you can add as many members as you like under the one PLUS account, any members you add don't incur any additional cost.

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