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Xero Approvals

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Automate your Xero invoice, bill and purchase order approvals by getting them sent to the right people in the right order with Approval Donkey.

Automate your Xero invoice approvals

Approval Donkey is an approval software that integrates directly with Xero. Set up as many workflows with as many conditions as required so your invoices, bills, purchase orders and credit notes are automatically sent to the right people for approval before being sent back to Xero to await payment. 


Set up your invoice approval workflow to as many approvers or reviewers as required. 


Send your bills for approval before being sent back to Xero to await payment.


Streamline your organisations purchase order approvals.

How does it work?

Approval Donkey and Xero integrate seamlessly to allow you to send your transactions (invoices, bills, credits, purchase orders) through to the Approval Donkey app for approval through a set workflow. Once approved, the transaction then gets sent back to Xero to await payment.


Approval Donkey allows you to set up single step or multi-step workflows with as many members as required (including reviewers) and also gives you control over the conditions for each workflow, whether that be for a transaction amount, a supplier or a due date.

Example of a Xero approval email

Features and Benefits


Multiple Approvers

Add as many approvers as required for any given approval, including with multi-step approvals to ensure your workflows suit your business.


Email integration

Approval requests get sent directly to your inbox and can be actioned from within the email, meaning you never have to login into the App.


Automated Notifications

Save time and avoid missing important decisions with automated tracking, reminders and notifications sent straight to your email.

Start your free trial

Sign up for your 1 month free trial today and find out how Approval Donkey can automate your Xero approvals.

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