Approval software support documents

See our range of guides and tips for getting the most out of Approval Donkey.

Getting Started

Overview of the Approval Donkey accounts including Email only, FREE and PAID

Step by step guide on how to set up a new Panel on Approval Donkey.

Step by step guide sending and receiving approval requests using a Panel Email address

Video Guides

Panel Maintenance

Details and Instructions on a Panels settings and customizing your workflows.

Step by step guide on how to add or remove members from your a Panel.

Step by step guide to configure multi-step approval workflows.

Details on the range of notifications provided by Approval Donkey

Xero Invoice Approvals

Step by step guide to help get you integrate Xero with Approval Donkey.

Tips and further detail around setting up Workflow Field Conditions for your Xero integration

Details of how transactions are managed in Xero when integrated with Approval Donkey.

Guide on how to change your existing Xero configuration

Zapier Approvals

Guide to creating a Zapier account and setting up automated workflows using Zap templates 

A brief overview of Zapier and how to go about setting a Zapier account up.

Account Maintenance

Guide for how to re-activate any archived Panels.

Guide for how to re-activate any archived Panels.

Details and Instructions for how to cancel your Approval Donkey account.