Add an Approval Workflow to your favorite Online Form.

With Approval Donkey and your favorite Online Form app (Wufoo, Typeform etc) working together you can have your online form submissions routed to an approval workflow. Its ridiculously easy to get going in 3 easy steps, see a guide for your online form below.

How it Works, its as easy as...



Set-up and configure an Approval Workflow (Panel) to your requirements and invite as many members as you like.



Copy the Panels auto generated email address just like you would any email address e.g. Select and Ctrl C.



Paste the Panels email address into the email notifications or submissions area of your online form app. 

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With an Approval Donkey workflow added to your online form you can streamline and automate approvals for all sorts of requests and form submissions.

  • Order Forms

  • Form Requests

  • Service Requests

  • HR Approvals

  • Marketing Approvals

  • Contract Approvals

Approval Donkey works with your Online Form app.

Streamline and automate your approval, sign-off and decision making processes with a 100% digitally focused solution. 

Improve Productivity

Collaborative approvals and decision making, add comments, attachments, photos to enhance requests.

Accountability & Transparency

Create robust streamlined workflows for key business decisions to save time, reduce errors and increase visibility.

Multiple Approvers & Steps

Manage multiple approvers or add steps to your workflow. Members receive a personalized invitation.

Notifications & Tracking

Save loads of time and avoid frustration with automated tracking, reminders and notifications

Demo: Setting up and Customizing a Panel (Approval Workflow) on Approval Donkey.
How Approval Donkey works with Forms?

Its easy as to set-up your approval workflows with Approval Donkey, follow these short steps to get going:

Step 1: Create a Panel

Set-up as many panels as you like for a range of different approval and decision making purposes. For example you may have a Staff Leave form and need approval from several key people, set up a panel called ’Staff Leave Approvals’. Each Panel gets its own unique Panel email address.

Step 2: Add Members

A panel can be just one person or multiple approvers of as many people as you like.If you need decisions from your Manager, HR and CEO add them all to the ‘Staff Leave Approvals’ panel, each gets a personal invitation.  

Step 3: Send

Save the Panel Email address to your online form notifications section or where form requests are emailed to. They will automatically route to the approval workflow All requests are tracked and have automated notifications and reminders.



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