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Email approval requests using Outlook

Surface approval, decision and sign-off requests out of email into streamlined, automated approval workflows and avoid lengthy email chains and frustrating back and forth.

Use Outlook to send approval requests.

Stay in Outlook to approve them.

  • Project Decisions

  • Stakeholder Approvals

  • Staff Leave/Travel

  • Pricing/Discounts

  • Budget Approvals

  • Procurement

Email workflow features

Personalized Dashboard

Manage loads of approval requests via a personalised Dashboard so you can action what you need to.

Accountability & Transparency

Create robust streamlined workflows for key business decisions to save time, reduce errors and increase visibility.

Configurable Workflows

Configure unanimous, multi-step or required response workflows so the right people get the right request at the right time.

Saved to Contacts

Send an approval request once from your Gmail and it is automatically remembered for next time.

Notifications & Tracking

Save loads of time and avoid frustration with automated tracking, reminders and notifications

Unlimited Approvers

As a Panel Owner you can add as many members as you like under the one PLUS account, any members you add don't incur any additional cost.

Email workflow setup

What you need:
  1. An Approval Donkey PLUS account (free 30 day trial)
  2. An Outlook account
How to set-up:
  1. Firstly login to Approval Donkey and Add a New Panel, every Panel you create comes with an auto generated Panel Email address
  2. Simply click on the Panel Email address to open your default Email application (or copy and paste into the 'To' field)
  3. Send your approval request just like you would an email, the request is automatically transformed into a fully tracked approval request and sent to anyone you added to the Panel as a member
  4. Now sit back and relax knowing Approval Donkey has 'got this', you will be automatically notified when any activity occurs on the request including when its approved, declined or overdue etc
Demo: Email and Approval Donkey working together
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