Automate your Approval Workflows with Zapier and Approval Donkey.

With Approval Donkey and Zapier working together you can automate and streamline your approval workflows with just a few clicks. Choose from over 1,000 apps or use one of our Zap templates to get going really quick with some of the most popular apps on the planet. 
Connect Approval Donkey & Zapier to automate these requests from your favourite apps like Trello, Evernote, Asana, Gmail and much more...

Whenever you need to complete any of these common tasks you can now automate it by creating simple 'Zaps' without ever leaving your favourite apps.

  • Key Project Decisions

  • Requirements sign-off

  • Scope confirmation

  • Change requests

  • Stakeholder approvals

  • Client approvals

Check out our Approval Donkey Zapbook to get going really quickly with Zap templates and more...

Approval Donkey helps manage Stakeholders inside and outside your business.

Streamline and automate your approval, sign-off and decision making processes with a 100% digitally focused solution. 

Improve Productivity

Collaborative approvals and decision making, add comments, attachments, photos to enhance requests.

Multiple Approvers

Consolidate and manage multiple approvers. All members you add to a Panel receive a personalized invitation.

Accountability & Transparency

Create robust streamlined workflows for key business decisions to save time, reduce errors and increase visibility.

Notifications & Tracking

Save loads of time and avoid frustration with automated tracking, reminders and notifications

Demo: Zapier and Approval Donkey working together to automate Trello and Slack.
How Zapier works?

Zapier is a web automation app. With Zapier you can build Zaps which can automate parts of your business or life.

A Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over. In words, a Zap looks like this: "When I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B." The first part is the Trigger and the second part is the Action.

Zapier supports hundreds of apps. You can mix and match triggers and actions to automate just about anything. An example might be "When I add a specific label to an email in Gmail, create a new approval request in Approval Donkey"


Zaps are very lightweight and very easy to setup. With Zapier, you get as much granularity as you need. You can pick what fields from the trigger service should go to the action service and you can use static text and custom fields too.



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