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How to – Xero Auto Approve

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

We have made some significant improvements to the Approval Donkey integration with Xero including the ability to Auto Approve Xero transactions.

Now when certain conditions are meet Approval Donkey will automatically update the transaction from the ‘Awaiting Approval’ folder to the ‘Awaiting Payment folder in Xero. For example, when a transaction is less than $200 you can have it auto approve by setting a condition in the Xero mapping matrix and setting the Panel its mapped too auto approve.

To steal this workflow, try the following:

1) Firstly, select the transaction you want to apply the condition to and what the condition is, lastly select the Panel this workflow should go to when the condition is meet. In the below example whenever a Bill for less than $200 is submitted for approval it will go to the ‘Bill Approvals’ Panel. There is only the Panel owner as a member of this Panel so no other approvals are required. Add further lines to the matrix for other transactions or additional workflow conditions.

2) Secondly to enable these Bills to Auto Approve when they are sent to the Bill Approvals Panel go to the Panels page and select the ‘i’ icon on the appropriate Panel, then select ‘Yes’ to ‘Auto Approve requests from me?’ as per below. This now means that as long as you are the authenticated user of the Xero organisation i.e. you have set it up and enabled it then any requests that come from Xero will auto approve if the condition is met.


To have transactions ‘not’ auto approve its advised to set-up a separate Panel specifically for this purpose. Just set-up a separate Panel with the appropriate members and then for example set a condition for any transactions ‘over’ $200 to go to this Panel via the Xero mapping matrix.

So if you have a requirement for this kind of workflow try giving it a go and if you have any questions or need help please email us at we’ll be more than happy to help.


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