Approval Workflows Simplified.

Leverage your favorite email, app or online form to turn submissions into automated, tracked approval workflows.


Better teamwork​​

Often more than one person is required to make an approval. Keep it all together and know exactly what you and your team has to action and where any bottlenecks may be occurring. 

More accountability

Configure robust streamlined approval workflows with multi-step, group or unanimous settings so the right people get the right requests at the right time to add professionalism and accountability.

Stay informed

Stay in the know and up to date with a full range of status updates that can be sent to your email or use our Zapier integration to get status updates sent to your favourite app like Slack, Trello or Google Sheet's etc.

Add value

Automate any process requiring approval like Purchases, Time Off Requests, Expense Claims plus loads more so you can get on with less mundane tasks that are more likely to add real value. 

Work anywhere

Mobile friendly design means you choose the internet connected device and favorite web browser that suits you best at the time.

Save time

Automate processes and increase efficiencies across your organisation whenever your online form is submitted or an approval request is made without changing the look and feel of your form or leaving your application. 


How it Works...



Set-up Panels (Approval Workflows) for all your approval, form submission and decision making purposes.



Add the people you require including as many steps as you like. Apply customized rules and automation's to each Panel.



Submit approval requests from an online form, in app, your own Email or via our integration with Xero or Zapier.



Leverage the apps you already use.



It is 100% free forever to register and stay on an Approval Donkey member only account. There is also a 100% free trial for 30 days to set up approval workflows (Panels) and keep them activated. After 30 days then the PLUS account is required.

(All charges NZD $30, other currencies indicative only)​




(Free forever)
(Free forever)

Members can belong to as many workflows as they are invited to for FREE.

(No Obligation or Credit Card required)

(Perfect if you receive and respond to approval requests.)


USD $19/mo

(NZD 30, AUD 27, EUR 17, GBP 15)

FREE 30 day trial to set-up workflows and invite as many members as required, under the one account.

(Perfect to set things up, invite who you want with one charge.)


Part of Aktive's charitable role  is to run a shared services function for sport and recreation organisations in New Zealand to reduce their back office costs. Approval Donkey has helped play a role in this both for Aktive and the organisations it supports.  By using the Approval Donkey integration with Xero, Aktive has seen a time saving of around an hour per week for each member of its 28 staff, as well as now having a more robust invoice approval process.


Approval Donkey is an important part of our workflow, saves us a ton of time and works so much better than what we would have come up with ourselves.


We use approval donkey on a regular basis to successfully manage approvals for trips and events in our school. When a request is submitted through a Cognito form to the relevant person, approval donkey lets our workflow in Zapier proceed once the event has been approved. The Zapier workflow takes the request information and stores it in a row in google sheets as well as sending the information forward to approval donkey. The request lands in the inbox of the decision maker and each decision gets reported back to the person who originally submits the request, so everyone is kept in the loop all the time. The Zapier work flow then activates once the approval donkey request is approved and embeds the event data onto a calendar. It has saved us a lot of work and allows us to automate the process easily. Approval donkey is the key link in the process that allows it to work so well.


ZDNet Feature

24 cloud services your business definitely needs to try

Approval Donkey recently featured in the number one position on this ZDNet article alongside such illustrious company as Asana, Jira and our friends at Xero. We were also especially stoked with the below comment from author David Gewirtz.


"Approval Donkey (which has our nomination for best cloud-based service name ever)"


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