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Automate your approvals with Approval Donkey.

Benefits of Approval Donkey

How it works

Getting started with Approval Donkey is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Create

Set-up Panels (Approval Workflows) for all your approval, form submission and decision making purposes.

2. Add

Add the people you require and as many steps as you like. Apply customized rules and automations to each panel.

3. Submit

Submit approval requests from an online form, in app, your own email or via our integration with Xero or Zapier.


Leverage the apps you already use. Approval Donkey allows integration with a number of your favourite apps including Xero, Zapier, Gmail, Trello, Asana and more, making it easier to simplify your approval workflows.



There are two different pricing models available - Member and Plus.
It is free to register and use Approval Donkey as a member only account (which means you can approve workflows.) If you are wanting to set up your own workflows, approval requests and conditions, you need to sign up for a Plus account. 
Both of these models have a 1 month free trial available.

(All charges NZD $30, other currencies indicative only)​




(Free forever)

Members can belong to as many workflows as they are invited to for FREE.

Credit card not required for sign up and members can cancel at any time.

(Ideal if you receive and respond to approval requests but don't need to be able to create workflows.)


USD $19/mo

(NZD 30, AUD 27, EUR 17, GBP 15)

FREE 30 day trial to set-up workflows and invite as many members as required, under the one account.

Credit card required for sign up but account can be cancelled at anytime.

(Perfect for those people managing the account, setting up workflows, inviting members and integrating connections.)


Part of Aktive's charitable role  is to run a shared services function for sport and recreation organisations in New Zealand to reduce their back office costs. Approval Donkey has helped play a role in this both for Aktive and the organisations it supports.  By using the Approval Donkey integration with Xero, Aktive has seen a time saving of around an hour per week for each member of its 28 staff, as well as now having a more robust invoice approval process.

ZDNet Feature

"24 cloud services your business definitely needs to try"

Approval Donkey recently featured in the number one position on this ZDNet article alongside such illustrious company as Asana, Jira and our friends at Xero. We were also especially stoked with the below comment from author David Gewirtz.


"Approval Donkey (which has our nomination for best cloud-based service name ever)"


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