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AD Update – Declined Xero Transactions

When transactions are declined in Approval Donkey what happens now with our updated integration is that Approval Donkey will automatically move transactions from the ‘Awaiting Approval’ folder in Xero to the ‘Drafts’ folder.

From the drafts folder declined transactions can ‘Re-submitted for approval’ and they will be automatically routed to Approval Donkey and re-submitted to the appropriate approval workflow.

The resubmitted transaction will re-appear in Approval Donkey as a new ‘Pending’ request. The same workflow rules apply and if the request is approved it will shift from the ‘Awaiting Approval’ folder in Xero to the ‘Awaiting Payment’ folder.

Please note:

When Purchase Orders are declined in Approval Donkey they are not shifted to the ‘Drafts; folder in Xero and will remain in the ‘Awaiting Approval’ folder. This is because this functionality is not currently supported by the Xero integration (API).

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