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AD Update - Q4 - Feature Release

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

We have just released a bunch of updates and changes to improve our application that we hope you like. See below for what we have been up to:

New Stuff

Formatted (HTML) Requests

This is a big one for us cause we had to change our entire ESP (Email Service Provider) to do it. Now whenever you send an approval request it will retain its formatting, making things heaps easier to read and understand. Send formatted requests directly from your own email or add it to an online form using a Panels Email address.

Online Forms Module

Inline with the above change we have just launched an Online Forms module. The new module helps anyone with an Online Form from the likes of Wufoo, Typeform, Cognito forms and loads more add an approval workflow to their form. Great for Order Forms and Staff Leave requests etc.

Delete a Panel

This has been a common request we often get so we are pleased to get this one done. Now a Panel Owner can fully delete any Panel and all its associated requests. Great for removing any test Panels.

Delete your Account

We have to admit this feature is a little counter intuitive for us. However now you can (if you really want) completely remove yourself and your profile from Approval Donkey. Be careful with this one because there is no undo and you won't be able to re-register under the same email address.

Because we had to change our ESP as mentioned above it meant we could no longer keep some of the email addresses associated with the Approval Donkey domain,Therefore going forward if you ever need to email us please use the address

Have a great day!

Regards, The AD Team

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