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AD Update - Feature Release

Here's a quick update of the new features and updates we have just released in response to our users suggestions and requests.

New Stuff

Branded Notifications

Now you can apply your own branding (logo, company image) to any external notifications and requests you send to any of your Panel members. This makes you look like the ultimate professional and gives your members confidence when responding to requests.


See our brand new Reports section where you can create reports for all your historical requests which can then be filtered, sorted and downloaded into .pdf, print and .csv formats.

Send Approval Screen

Now you don't have to leave Approval Donkey to send approval requests with all your Panels available and the ability to apply formatting to any requests available directly from the 'Send Approvals' button.

Attachments on Requests

Panel members are now advised of any attachments you attach to to an approval request sent from the new 'Send Approvals' screen.

Status Notifications

Stay in the loop on all your requests and get an email notification when things are approved, declined or overdue. These can be easily turned on/off via your settings page.

Non-Member Status Notifications

Just like the status notifications you can now receive, anyone who emails an approval request to a Panel for which they are not a member can now get regular updates for how their requests are progressing. This is really handy for things like Staff Leave and Time Sheets etc and is set via the Panel Settings. Requester's don't even need to register for Approval Donkey to get them.

Have a great day!

Regards, The AD Team

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