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New Functionality - My Pending Folder

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

You provided the feedback and we listened. On the back of some excellent feedback from Approval Donkey users we have made a number of significant updates to Approval Donkey.

When you next login to Approval Donkey you will now go straight to a new folder/view called 'My Pending' this new folder contains any approval request you specifically have not responded too. If you have any requests in this folder as you approve or decline them they will disappear from this folder until you have no pending or overdue requests left in other words your job is done.

Requests may still be Pending because other Panel members still need to respond also and these can still be found in the 'Approvals' folder. We have also improved our filtering so these stay active when request details are accessed and then closed so you can quickly find the information you require.

Check it out by logging in now -

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