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Automate and Streamline Staff Leave Requests from Email.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

If you are still getting staff to email their leave requests directly into you or a team member, try this simple workflow that promises to reduce some of the burden associated with this very common request. Some of the benefits with this workflow include:

  • Automated reminders and tracking so requests are never missed or forgotten

  • Streamline the decision making process into a dedicated register

  • Quickly filter requests to see whose leave has and hasn’t been approved

  • Tracking of who has (and hasn’t) approved or declined requests

Steal this workflow:

Firstly, login into Approval Donkey and click on the ‘Add New Panel’ button and complete the steps required to create a new Panel, typically you would call the Panel ‘Staff Leave’ or something to that effect. Also make sure to leave the setting ‘Allow Approvals from other Systems’ set to ‘Yes’ as per below.

Once you have set your automated notifications and deadlines, next add all the people required to approve staff leave requests in your organisation. The Panel is now all set-up.

Special Note:

If you would like staff to be copied into all leave requests but not have approve or decline privileges then set then add them to the Panel as members but set them as ‘Reviewers’. This way they will be invited to join the Panel and will be able to see a full history or all requests however they cannot approve of decline any requests.

Now copy the Panels email address and send it (via Email, Slack etc) to all your staff advising that all staff leave requests should be sent to this email address. They should remember to include the minimum information required for you to make a decision including attaching any forms or documents to the request.

Whenever staff email there requests to the ‘Staff Leave’ panel email address any requests will come into the system as ‘Pending’. From there anyone you added to the Panel can easily view any attachments and then Approve or Decline the request as required (Reviewers cannot approve or decline requests).

That’s it you are all set-up and ready to with your new and improved Staff Leave request workflow.

Special Note:

If you are a Zapier user, you could even get the Status updates sent to a different channel or even create a line in Google Sheets. Go to our Zapbook and start exploring


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