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Automating Internal vs External Team Approval Requests.

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

You may have times when you need a particular request to be approved and then have it move onto an altogether separate group of people who are required to go through the same but separate process. This article is about how you can completely automate this process with Approval Donkey and Zapier.

Business approvals - Internal vs External

For example, you may have an internal management team that is required to approve a new hire but then an external team like a board that is required to provide the final sign-off only after the internal management team has approved things.

How do I set this workflow up?

Firstly, we would advise getting your separate Panels set-up on Approval Donkey in advance. One Panel would be the first group to receive the initial request and would be the trigger Panel on Zapier ‘Approval Status Updated’.

The second Panel would be the action ‘Create New Approval’ on Zapier. When the first group (Panel) approves anything dedicated to them Zapier picks this up and automatically creates a new approval request to the second group (Panel).

We have provided a Zap template for this so you can get going really quickly, click the link below to get this workflow. Zapier then steps you through how to set these up to your requirements.


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