How to – Send Approval Requests from your own Email.

Approval Donkey uses a Panels Email address to send approval requests from your very own email system.

Whenever you set up a Panel on Approval Donkey an automatically generated email address is created each time. You can use this email address to send approval requests directly from your own email system like Gmail, Outlook or any other. Just click on it to open your default email system or right click and select copy email address.

Send the approval request from your email system just like you would an email. Approval Donkey automatically turns the email into a fully traceable approval request routing the request to all the members you added to the Panel.

Steal this workflow, for the following requests:

- Travel requests - Permission Slips

- Leave requests - Card applications

- Expense claims - Pricing discounts

- Variation Schedules - Project decisions

Or, you can create your own workflow cause Approval Donkey is completely customizable.



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