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Use Approval Donkey to manage School Permission Slips

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We have a number of schools that use Approval Donkey to manage their class lists and associated requests like Permission Slips for School Trips etc. Typically, a teacher or teacher aide adds the parents or guardians for each of their students to a designated Panel in Approval Donkey like the below example for Room 26.

Anytime a teacher requires approval for a class activity they send a single email to the Panel email address, every Panel Member (Parent/Guardian) receives an Approval request. The Teacher uses the full Panel email address ( and their email service remembers it for next time or they can add the address to their contacts as e.g. ‘Room 26 Permission Slips’. But essentially it’s easy to remember and as easy as sending an email.

All requests are automatically tracked with automated reminders and reporting plus a teacher can easily see who has and hasn’t responded to the request.

Over the course of the year the time spent completing the initial configuration (adding Parents to the Panel) is more than made up saving time and loads of frustration from mundane tasks like chasing people up to provide an answer by letting Approval Donkey do the Donkey work.


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