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New Functionality – Required Response Setting.

Another really popular feature request we are happy to release is the ability to set up a Panel (Approval Workflow) with any number of members and set a designated number of responses required to approve (or decline) a request. For example, you may have a Panel with 5 members and any of these members can approve or decline requests, you can set the number of required responses to 2 meaning only 2 out of the 5 members are required to respond to the request. The default setting for all Panels is ‘All’ meaning all Panel members are required to respond.

This feature works really well in conjunction with the new ‘My Pending’ folder so you can clearly and quickly see only the requests you need to respond too. Try it now by going to the ‘Panels’ page and selecting the corresponding ‘I’ icon. Make the selection of your choice using the drop down and save. Any new requests you now send to that Panel will only require that number of responses.

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