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Stakeholder Approvals Make Better Decisions with Approval Donkey and Zapier.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We use Zapier to manage and automate our Stakeholder approval process with the following Zaps below. In Trello we simply add a specific label to any card we want to automatically route to our Stakeholder Panel on Approval Donkey. Approval Donkey then manages the approval process and once the request is approved (or declined) we get a message in Slack to advise everyone in the team.

No one likes waiting for a project to move forward due to a bottleneck in the approval process. Whether it’s your client okaying a new proposal, or waiting on stakeholder review to push new code to production, it’s imperative that the right people are kept in the loop and swiftly sign off.

And that’s where Approval Donkey can help. Their web and mobile tool streamlines your approval workflows with automated notifications and reporting. Make sure that key decisions are timely and approvers are kept up-to-date with Approval Donkey's real-time commenting feature. Add multiple approvers, check status updates, and keep each other accountable. Approval Donkey makes it easy for your team to move quickly without sacrificing quality.

Integrate Approval Donkey with Zapier’s 750+ apps and make it simple for your team to make the right project decisions. Set up Zaps that automatically create new cards in Trello or update an Evernote notebook whenever an Approval Donkey request status is changed. Or try out Zaps that automatically communicate changes by posting Approval Donkey status updates to a specific Slack channel or sending emails via Gmail. It’s never been easier to keep your projects headed towards the finish line.

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